Ad Profitability Calculator

Find out if your Google and Meta ads ROAS is profitable and get guidance on where your targets should be.

- Discover your break even and minimum suggested ROAS.

- Remove the complexity around what is viable for your business.

- Free to use and recalculate multiple times

Why use our ad profitability calculator?

Take the guesswork out of your PPC targets and remove the complexity around performance.

Reduce Wasted Spend

ROAS only looks at ad cost and revenue. Taking into account product margin is needed to ensure that you’re not wasting money.

Improve Return

Understanding what ROAS would be profitable for your business allows you set targets that will return a profit for your business.

Grow your business

Taking into account the nuance of your specific margins rather than benchmarks means you can use targets that will allow you to grow sustainably.

What You Get

Use our ad profitability calculator to find out if your current ROAS is viable.

Free to use and recalculate anytime

Get your break even and minimum suggested targets

Results PDF emailed for sharing

Access to our guides and blogs to help you improve your ad performance

What the Industry Thinks

Hear what our others thought about using our ad profitability calculator!

“Having helped numerous d2c brands scale effectively, I can say that knowing what the right balance of spend and return, isn't always easy.

Not every brand has funding or deep pockets for media spend or for in-house expertise. Activity needs to return to keep the business alive, but it's not always easy to see the picture clearly.

This tool simplifies one of the more complex conversations around advertising which means SME owners can better inform their decisions, whilst their marketing partner focuses on the advertising.”

Andrew Allen, F&B Brand Consultant | Ex Biff’s & Snaffling Pig

How it Works

Understanding what ‘good’ looks like is just a few steps away.


Tell us about your business

We need a few details about you and your business, this so that we can email you the PDF version of ad profitability results


Tell us about your ad performance

We ask for just 5 metrics in regards to your ad performance, we need performance across a minimun of 30 days for results to be meaningful


Get your results

Your results show instantly! We show you if your current performance is profitable, if not where your break even ROAS would be a minimum suggested target


Share your results

Your results are emailed to you so that you can share with your finance and marketing teams. Start to make positive changes to your ad campaigns with your new insights!


Why do you need my details?

We need your details so that we're able to email you the PDF version of your results. If you decide to book an optional exploratory call with our team after getting your results, it's also more beneficial for us to be able to see your performance to make the discussion useful.

What do I do after I get my results?

Depending on the outcome, you may decide to discuss the results with your marketing and finance teams. We offer a range of guides and blog articles that can support in improving campaign performance, this are free to access at anytime. You are welcome to book an optional 30-minute call with our performance team to discuss your results in more detail.

Is it free to use?

The calculator is free to use! You can recalculate results as many times as you need to, this is useful if you have varied margins across your product set.

What if I haven’t ran ads yet?

We need a minimum of 30 days ads performance in order for the results to be meaningful. We can't currently support predictive calculations for those who have not yet run ad campaigns.

What if I need to recalculate due to varying margins?

You can recalculate on the results page at anytime, the tool is super quick and will update automatically once you've added new metrics and hit the recalculate button.